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How to order worms from Vermicoast

The worms and ~Shel

The worms and ~Shel

People who are buying worms are the most honest people I have ever met, so here is how I run things here. Ordering is very easy.  

First time buyers: Feel free to either call me or email me and I will have your worms ready for you to pick up from my location in Carlsbad any time you’re available. I am available by phone from 9-5. 760.434.4223 I answer all worm related emails between 9pm and 11pm. I can guarantee you there is a great deal of email!

For those of you, who have already been clients of Vermicoast, you know the way I handle things here.

There are always worms bagged up and to the left of my front door as you face it.  You can take any bag without a post-it on it and above that bin is a wrought iron rack with envelopes in it. There is a small rack with small envelopes on it. Please choose an envelope, put your payment in it, and then place it into the small wooden box to the right of that. There is a slot for it to drop in on the top. Worms will always be there, as long as I am here and not on a holiday. If I do decide to take time off I will post it here.

If you’re ordering a worm bin you can email  me from this site and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you call the house phone (760.434.4223 ) I will call you back ASAP.

I urge you all to read through the posts here at Vermicoast, as many of your questions can be answered within them.

The address for pickup is:

1387 Basswood Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

I hope to hear from you!

Enjoy your beautiful gardens this Summer!