About Vermicoast & Me

Hi, I’m Shelley Grossman, certified Master Composter and author of the best selling book Recycle With Earthworms and producer of it’s companion DVD. I own and operate Vermicoast inc, a North San Diego County redworm supplier offering ongoing email and telephone support since 1989.

I was field trained by the San Diego Solid Waste Management Department at Quail Gardens, Encinitas and I’ve devoted many volunteer hours to teaching composting and vermiculture at Quail Gardens and through the Parks and Recreation Department of Carlsbad. I’ve also been a contributing writer/editor for Worm Digest, an international quarterly publication about vermiculture.

One of my most recent adventures in vermicomposting was through a contract with a newly built private K-12 school in San Diego. By teaching and training the students, teachers, staff and parents, this school become the first zero waste school in the United States. I also developed and implemented a 2 year grant to use worm bins to process all the organic wastes for 3 schools in Carlsbad where I’ve lived since 1987.

I encourage all of my customers to keep in touch and ask questions. You may contact me using the form to the right or by calling 760-434-4223 between 9am to 5pm (Pacific Time.) All calls will be returned.

I would like to give a special thanks to the team at the Solana Center for Environmental Innovations, in Encinitas, CA for their unfailing support of Vermicoast and my mission to decrease the organic waste stream in North County for the last 20 years. They have backed me 100% by using Vermicoast as a part of their referral base, for the people who call or attend their seminars.

I would also add Ryon and Greg at Moonlight Video Productions, of Encinitas, CA for their help with the DVD. Without their support and care of this project, it would never have been completed.