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13 April 2010 ~ Comments Off

Keeping Worms

Welcome Back! This will not be as hard as you might think, this keeping of worms and their bin. Worms are living breathing creatures. Caring for a pound or two of them is the same responsibility you take on with a family pet. They will need food, water, and the correct growing conditions in order […]

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09 April 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Keeping Worms and Setting up Your Bin

The conditions that control worm populations are the same as those required for them to survive in a contained space: 1) ample, but not excessive food supply 2) sufficient surface area 3) population density 4) nutrition for reproduction 5) moisture 6) ambient ground and air temperature, 55- 85 degrees F ( 13-27 C) What type […]

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09 June 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Recycle with Earthworms

Like to Garden? Heard of composting with worms? It is called vermicomposting and it’s a fun family project that can significantly reduce your waste stream while giving you unbeatable compost. Whether your passion is vegetable gardening, beautiful flowers, lush house plants, soil fertility or simply household waste reduction, this site is for you.

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