Local Redworms and Support

Red worms (eisenia fetida) are available starting at $25 per pound 7 days a week from my site in Carlsbad. They come with their own bedding and a quick start guide to ease their transition into your bin.

How to get them:

Since the post office will no longer mail live animals I have started asking customers to come and pick up their worms from my site. You can leave your payment in the envelope provided on my porch or you may pay ahead of time using a credit card with PayPal below. Please give me a little notice email me to let me know when you’ll be picking them up. Please make checks payable to Vermicoast.

Why buy from me?

As a Vermicoast customer, ongoing email support is available to you between 9 and 11pm and phone support is available from 9-5 by calling 760-434-4223. This is your one stop for all your worm related questions and concerns. All calls will be returned. If you have any questions about any of this or would like more information please don’t hesitate to call. You may also use the form to the right.

    Buy your worms here:

    One Pound of Red Worms for $25:

    Two Pounds of Red Worms for $45:

    Three Pounds of Red Worms for $60:

    Five Pounds of Red Worms for $90:

    The DVD & Redworm Special: One Copy of the Recycle With Earthworms DVD and One Pound of Red Worms with ongoing support for $40

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