My Holiday this year!

Myself and the worms!

I shall be away to visit my Canadian relatives during the month of May. I have harvested worms for  those of you who are in need. My house-mate, Ken will be here and able to fill your orders. Please leave a message on the house phone with your name, phone number and the best time to call you back and he will return your calls.

The honor system will still be in place as aways. Your pre-placed order will have your name on a post-it, along with all the instructions you will need to transfer the worms safely from their bag into you bin. Place your payment into the rack above the worm holding bin and take your bag with you. Please have a stack of newspapers in your car, as the bag may be a little damp or wet.

I will be busy getting all the bins up and running smoothly again once I am back. I will not be too busy to help you here or fill your orders!

Have a great month and I will see you here or in person once I have returned.