The Book & New DVD

I am very proud to announce my latest product, The Recycle With Earthworms DVD. This DVD is perfect for anyone just starting out on their adventure with worm composting and is especially recommended if you’re a visual learner like I am. I’ve done my best to pack in as many tips and tricks into this video as possible using plain language and simple instructions.

You’ll learn:

How to build an inexpensive and fool-proof worm bin
How to introduce your worms to your new bin
How to feed your worms (including what not to feed them)
How to monitor moisture levels
How to protect your bin from bugs & critters
How to harvest castings
…and more

    Order Here:

    One copy of Recycle With Earthworms DVD for $20

    One Copy of Recycle With Earthworms DVD Shipped for $24

    One Copy of Recycle With Earthworms and One Pound of Red Worms with ongoing support for $40

    The Recycle With Earthworm Companion Book is $10